Peppermint Teapeppermint 2

Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways, due to its ability to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, cure bad breath, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system. Its impact on the digestive system is considerable, and its base element of menthol is perhaps the most valuable part of its organic structure. Teas bags packaged 4/$3.00

Spearmint Teaspearmint plant

Spearmint- a variety of mint with a milder flavor than peppermint — has long had a place in human history. It was prized in ancient Greece for its medicinal properties.  Drinking spearmint tea offers a number of health benefits and can provide some essential nutrients. Teas bags packaged 4/$3.00



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