About Our Jelly

All of our herb jellies are made in small batches with our own fresh herbs picked at the height of the season for an intense flavor. Our edible flower jellies are truly a labor of love as petals are hand cut and look like fine jewels in the jars. Our fruit jellies are from our own fruit hand picked at its ripest for year round enjoyment.

Sweet jellies are delicious on hot buttered toast, bagels and cream cheese, English muffins or try it in your morning yogurt. Use as filling in cookies or in your next layer cake.

Savory jellies go well with meats as a glaze on a variety of cheeses and vegetables or use as a condiment.

Edible Flower Jelly

We have taken some of our favorite edible flowers in full bloom and made jellies that are delicious as well as exotic.

Rose Petalone rose petal

A labor of love goes into the making of this jelly. Lovely on English muffins or in thumbprint cookies. Delicious with peanut butter to take your peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a whole new level.

8 oz$6.50 out of stock

Chive Blossom JellyChive-Blossoms-Jar-Amy-Roth-Photo

Sweet and delicate with a mild flavor of onion. Use as a glaze on ham or pork. Serve with goat cheese, crackers and wine for a delectable appetizer. Mix with our Red Onion Marmalade to make your own sweet and sour sauce.

8 oz – $6.50  

Herb Jelly

We have captured the flavor of our herb garden in these gourmet jellies. They can be used on roasted meats or vegetables Use as accompaniments to any meal.

Mint Jellyspearmint2

This jelly can be used on biscuits, toast, peanut butter and jelly on a variety of cookie and traditional lamb recipes – or spread on a roast beef sandwich.

8 oz – $6.50

Fruit Jelly

Our fruit jellies are from our own fruit hand picked at its ripest for year round enjoyment.

Crab Apple JellyCrab apple

This jelly is made in the fall when our crab apples are bursting with flavor. Tart to start but when its sweetened and made into jelly it is a taste you won’t forget. Delicious on toast, bagels and cream cheese or a dollop in yogurt. Delicious when used as a ham glaze.

8 oz – $6.50 customer favorite

Pepper Jelly

Our pepper jellies are made  from our garden grown peppers, hand picked when ripest for year round enjoyment. 

Hot Pepper Jellyhot red peppers

Our hottest jelly made from hot red peppers. Great on a roast beef sandwich or try it on crackers and cheese. Delicious on sausages and burgers. Pour over cream cheese and enjoy with crackers.

8 oz – $6.50  customer favorite 

Red Pepper Jelly

If hots not your taste you can still enjoy pepper jelly. We used sweet red peppers to create a sweet pepper jelly. Delicious on a hot dog or sausage. Perfect to pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. Great on a grilled cheese or deli sandwich. Use as a glaze on a baked ham . oz – $6.50  new item


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